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Deborah Maddison, Healing Space

I am Deborah Maddison, and it is my passion to teach and facilitate clients in empowering practices that help you to release stress, tension, anxiety and trauma, so that you can come home to rest, restore, and thriving. I teach relaxation exercises, simple breathwork, deeply integrative Breathwork (aka Rebirthing) and TRE (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises). These practices are all taught in a safe, slow way that enables clients to really benefit and learn to practice them for themselves. The thing that really excites me about these practices is that they are all our bodies innate ways to restore balance, so that once we reignite them, we just have to mindfully step out of our own way, and allow the body/mind to do it's thing. It's truly empowering to realise that your own healing potential is in your own hands, and I love to facilitate clients while they to absorb the necessary skills to be able to harness that power.