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Diane Mitchell

Wonderful World of Wellbeing

Diane Mitchell; Founder 


Insight into Diane’s Life Journey.

Life is full of challenges and unexpected hurdles. In 2006, Diane was given 12 weeks to live to her utter disbelief. However, Diane remained resolute she had a long life ahead of her. Her determined outlook was positive for her future despite what medical findings had suggested. 

Due to her inner dialogue reinforcing her will to live, Diane stands here today and is as strong as ever. With her ability to turn a difficult situation into an entirely achievable one, Diane works with clients overcoming mindset blocks which provides relief from what gets in the way of individuals getting on with private and business life. 

Mindfulness builds resilience, it provides order in chaos. It is like coming home to yourself, and a practice that naturally flows through every action and decision Diane makes. When she is not in private practice, hosting a wellbeing festival, you`ll find her teaching mindfulness. 

Working with exceptional health and wellbeing providers, Diane believes in creating experiences that are enjoyable, meaningful, and rewarding. Founded on the premise that experiences are what change us, with this, the Wonderful World of Wellbeing was born. 

What services are on offer & how can they help

  • Private Holistic Therapy: Change your mind – Change your life & Mindfulness. Contact Diane

  • Networking for health & wellbeing professionals

If you work on the field of health & wellbeing or a business that supports wellbeing providers such as accountants, bankers, finance, graphics, etc. and looking to broaden your network then this is the niche network for you.

  • Regional meetings held 2nd Tuesday & 4th Monday each month


  • Wonderful World of Wellbeing, Dept Store for Wellbeing (Online) -Coming Soon. Inquiries are welcome.                                                                                                    


  • Wellbeing Festivals (Live) Currently, all live events are on hold due to COVID-19. We expect to see them emerge again in 2021 or as soon as it is safe to do so. To be informed, do join the mailing           Thank you for your patience & for being here, we look forward to connecting with you soon

  • Our new website is under construction - in the meantime, do visit our facebook page and sign up to our mailing list to ensure your contact is received.