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Digital Smile Design UK

Adam Morgan has spent his entire career helping people and businesses grow and reach their goals.  He is a skilled training consultant, speaker, accredited psychometric practitioner and coach with over fifteen years of experience from working with many of the world’s leading hotels, retailers and dental and medical professionals.  He is known for his high energy, fun and passionate approach to learning, that delivers long lasting behavioural change and tangible results for his clients. 


His award-winning consulting and training work, includes the prestigious National Training Award in the UK as well as being awarded best in class at numerous industry awards.  Adam is classed as one of the most influential speakers in the medical and dental sector for his approach to patient care and service excellence and teaches with the Global Digital Smile Design team on communication and emotional dentistry. 




Sales Development, Strategic Account Management, Business Development, Customer Service Excellence, Presentation Skills, Leadership Development, Team Development, Culture Creation and Development, Service Excellence and Brand Positioning 


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