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Doodlette is a visual storytelling creative agency made up of two illustrators, Emma and Manuela. With the ethos of “Bringing illustration to Business”, our mission is twofold. We offer a range of business focused illustration services, specialising in Visual Storytelling. We translate complex concepts into eye catching and accessible illustrations that can be used in a number of ways, from sales pitch decks to marketing presentations and social media content. We want to help people and brands express their ideas in a visual way, and attract more clients in the process.


The other arm of our business is in creative workshops and innovation training. We believe that having a set of creative skills can make a huge difference to how you are perceived by your clients and audience. We teach our attendees first how to draw anything they can visualise, and then how to use storytelling techniques to create beautiful visuals.


Our aim is to use our artistic skills to teach and innovate as well as create.


For more information on our services or workshops, please contact or visit our website

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