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Dr Anton Baumohl and Karen Gargani MBA, MA, of Kaboodle Leadership Ltd

Our Approach and Values:

Underpinning all our work are key values and understandings based on our experience and research into leadership from a range of different sources including cognitive psychology and neuroscience:

  • Leaders need acute awareness of themselves so that they are more in control of their own thoughts, emotions and actions
  • Leaders need a highly tuned awareness of all that is going on around them so that they can respond to cues that ensure that they remain ‘ahead of the curve’, so that the future and subtle changes in a team or environment does not catch them unawares
  • Learning involves taking people out of their comfort zone, and we use this to enhance their insights

Together we run Kaboodle Leadership a Consultancy and Research Community developed from a combined experience of over 50 years work within organisations across the world.
We provide consultancy services, senior executive coaching and leadership events on a 38ft sailing boat.

We will change your mind about leadership.....

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