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As Salāmu 'Alāykum Wa Rahmatullāh

Often when we make donations, we consider causes in parts of the world where people are suffering immensely. This is much needed and commendable masha’Allah.  We would also like you think about the 1.2 million young Muslims who have little or no support when it comes to life skills, leadership & guidance.

Dr Deen Youth Solutions is  a UK registered charity helping produce a generation of Muslim youth who will live ‘Hayat at Tayyiba’, good pure lives in sha Allah. This will be your Sadaqa Jariya. This continuous reward will help produce Muslims that will live by Islam in every aspect of their lives. 

At present where do young Muslims turn to when they have questions about their lives?

Common issues our youth are confused about include: Atheism, Evolution, Music, Pornography, Drugs, Shamelessness, Marriage, Careers, Islam, Terrorism, Education, Role Models, LGBT, Peer Pressure, Social Networking, Relationships, Family Life, Depression and the list goes on…..  (Sadly these topics are not covered by the vast majority of our Parents, Mosques, Islamic Schools or Madrassas)

At present we are in a crisis situation. Many Muslim youth are leaving Islam. Dr Deen Youth Solutions is working at a grassroots helping Muslim Youth achieve their very best in Deen & Dunya.

Your donations will help support our Muslim youth through our life changing work which includes:

·          Muslim Youth Boys & Separate Girls Youth Clubs & Workshops

·          User Friendly Literature to equip parents living with young Muslims & vice versa

·          Youth & Parent Counselling Services

·          Tarbiyah , Character Building and Role Models

·          Offering Training to Mosques & Muslim Organisations

·          Much needed research in the field of Muslim Youth lifestyles, attitudes and behaviour. Thus helping cater more effectively to their needs.


We feel very little is being done to save our youth. Please support or life changing work & help guide Muslim Youth to stay steadfast on their Deen.


Please Donate Now to our vital cause.

Thank You & Jazakallahu Khairan

The DrDeen Team


Dr Deen Youth Solutions

Muslim Youth Matters



UK Registered Charity No. 1154052



Assalamu alaikum warahma tullahi wabara katuhu

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