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Dr Gloria Gordon

Dr Gloria Gordon, a Human Resource Development (HRD) academic, researcher and educator, is London South Bank University's (LSBU) first National Teaching Fellow (2002) with a research remit to introduce Academically-Based Community Service (ABCS) with a strategic focus on African/ Caribbean learners and their communities onto the research portfolio of the University. The outcome of this evolutionary research project resulted in the founding of the Centre for British African Caribbean Studies (CBACS) in 2007; this is alongside the publication of 'Towards Bicultural Competence: Beyond Black and White' and the launch of The Metanoia Project (TMP) 2007-2034.  

The Conscious Evolution with CBACS, Learning and Development platformcontributes to the goals of The Metanoia Project (TMP) 2007-2034 (Teach) and (BAC), a social movement, focused on completing William Wilberforce's second project: The Reformation of Manners (Culture). The achievement of this objective will be seen in enhanced CULTURAL LITERACY outcomes in our selves, families, communities, workplaces and nations at large.

TMP (Teach) sessions are open to everyone whereas TMP (BAC) is 'Black British African Caribbean' specific.

Dr Gordon was made redundant to the needs of LSBU in 2017.

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