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Dr. Manon Mathias, Lecturer in French, The University of Glasgow

I was born and raised in Cardiff where I attended a Welsh-medium comprehensive. I undertook my undergraduate degree in French and German at the University of Oxford (Trinity College) where I also completed my postgraduate degrees. After a Masters of Studies on European Literature, I was awarded a D.Phil in 2011 on the novelist George Sand. I worked as Rhys Fund Celtic Teaching Fellow, University of Oxford in 2007–2008 and then as Lecturer in French at Worcester College, University of Oxford from 2010 to 2011. I was Lecturer in French at Bangor University (2011–2012) and the University of Aberdeen (2013–2017), and was appointed as Lecturer in French at Glasgow in 2017.


In my more recent work I have examined the cultural impact of bacteriology on attitudes towards dirt and hygiene in the second half of the nineteenth century. Inspired by the ways in which the dirty body is often evaded or dismissed in this period, I am now beginning the first interdisciplinary study of digestive health in French culture by looking at advice on diet and digestion in nineteenth-century novels, cookbooks and health manuals. As part of the project I organized an international, cross-disciplinary workshop in May 2017 on Gut Feeling to examine changing attitudes towards the digestive system in modern Western culture. The event was funded by a range of external sources including the British Academy. 

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