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Dr.Ava Eagle Brown- Life & Business Strategist , Global Speaker , Trainer & Book Coach

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown was born and brought up in St.
Elizabeth, Jamaica. She trained as a secondary teacher at
the Sam Sharpe Teacher’s College in Montego Bay, Jamaica,
followed later by an MBA in Business Administration
from the University of Wales and a an MBA from Newport
University , Southern California. Ava United Kingdom and
now holds an honorary doctorate degree which was given
to her for her philanthropy work in women empowerment,
homelessness and people transformation.
She lives in London and is the mother of two children,
whom she calls her life. She is a Transformational Coach,
International Motivational Speaker and Author, someone
who has a mandate to remind everyone they are possible
The Mango Girl is an updated version of her first book,
Bamboo and Fern, from which she is set to launch a movie
campaign. Ava hopes to see this book on the Hollywood
stage. She is currently working on part two of The Mango
Girl to be called Steel and Stone. She has authored and
published several books, her original biography; Bamboo
and Fern, has sold in more than 45 countries.
Ava’s vision is to help other people tap into their
full potential by eradicating self-limiting beliefs for them
to ultimately live the lives they want, need and desire;
essentially a life of abundance.​
She was awarded:
• “The Radioworks Authors” Award 2017
• Inspirational Role Mode’ award 2015;
• Motivational Woman of 2015- Black Africa
Women Rock
• Nominated for a BEFFTA Award
• Nominated for London Leadership Peace Award
In addition to her multiple work activities, she is currently
championing a being ambassador for Evolve Vulnerable
Housing in Croydon, UK where they tackle homelessness
and street rough sleeping.
Her life has not been an easy one; having gone
through numerous storms namely: domestic violence; child
abuse; single parenting; divorce; financial deprivation;
marital deception; molestation; and gun violence; to name
only a few. And yet she survived and thrived. Ava uses her
experiences to help other people and she is on a mission to
do that globally, by helping women work through trauma
and understand that nothing is impossible. Her motto is the
very word ‘Impossible’; it says ‘I’m Possible’. This is the way
she has been able to survive.
If you want to become an investor in her movie
project email please her at the addresses below for more
information. She can be contacted via: 447808866870

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