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Eastbourne Education Business Partnership

Helen Owen Marketing Enterprises (HOME) is a not-for-profit marketing company that seeks to help job-seekers that find it more difficult to find work to engage in their local community by helping local community groups, agencies and charities with their marketing.

The groups of people that we work with include:

  • Young people that don’t have the relevant experience to get into work.
  • People that are autistic and find it difficult to communicate with others.
  • People that have a health condition (either physical or mental health) and find full-time work too much for them.
  • People that have been unemployed for a long-term and struggle to get back into work.
  • People that don’t speak English as their first language and find it difficult to get work.

Benefactors of HOME:
• Individuals – are given the opportunity to receive free hands-on experience and training in website creation, IT, communications, social media, project management, marketing etc., People are given the opportunity to manage their own projects and liaise with clients on a individual basis. By working part of a team they are given the opportunity to gain work experience in a friendly atmosphere.

• Local Community Groups, Agencies and Charities – are now able to receive low-cost marketing for their services, who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to access good quality marketing due to budget restrictions.

By linking these 2 benefactors together people in our community can find out about services on offer in order to make Eastbourne a better place to live and work.

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