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eChampions is a provider of face-to-face internet marketing, website design and marketing courses. With an emphasis on professionally approaching difficult subjects in a fun, relaxed and easy to understand way, eChampions has helped nearly 350 businesses improve their marketing and subsequently their bottom line.


The tutor for this course is based in the North East, he has ran an award winning internet marketing company as well as being the spearhead of many successful internet marketing campaigns in the toughest of industries (finance, legal, IT). He has coached over 300 business leaders in internet marketing and believes that whilst the subject matter is difficult, learning about it should be simple.


Andy Smith is an internet marketing consultant currently working with law firms, insurance companies and a brain injury charity, he brings a wealth of experience and an element of quirky fun to his training. Having built up a portfolio of successful clients as varied as plumbers, hairdressers, personal trainers, personalised tuxedo tailors, wedding singers, furniture makers and gold traders (amongst others), there aren't many business types who haven't yet benefited from his expertise, passion and strategies.


He also wants to stress that he did not write this bit and is not as big-headed as this section makes him sound (but it is an important section - which you will see in the course).


Businesses that went through the previous version of this course were found to have increased their revenue by an average of 66% more than comparative businesses who did not go on the course.


Internet Marketing for Beginners in Manchester


Course and Tutor Testimonials:

 "Andy has the empathy of having been a small business owner and brings an array of experience in internet marketing and the knowledge of an expert... What is most heartening though, is how he puts this all across on the course. I went in an absolute beginner and came out feeling confident and clear on what I needed to do."

 S. Kershaw - wedding events and entertainment - a 366% increase in business in the 6 months after attending the course


"Superb, just absolutely superb. Enjoyed the sessions and the humour, even the bad puns. I learnt a lot, although I'm not going to be singing on my website!"

 C. Nish - antique coin trader - 213% increase in sales 9 months after attending a series of workshops


"Patience of a saint, I'd recommend to anyone wanting to boost their sales/custom online."

 A. Rooney - Trainer - Received more enquiries than ever before after putting the principles of the course into practice


"I wasn't going to go on the course. I was worried that I would be out of place and that I'd need some experience of online marketing to make sure I didn't look daft. I ended up using a marketing company (who shall remain nameless) who fleeced me out of a lot of money. After a little reflection, I went on an eChampions course. I wish I'd started there. I now know what I'm talking about and if I choose to use someone else, I won't get fleeced again."

 C. Walsh (62 on starting the course) who actually successfully performed her own internet marketing after the course, before employing someone else once the business grew sufficiently to warrant it


"I wish I'd known about this course when I started up. It would have saved a LOT of time and money."

 S. Jackson - Now working in a Digital Marketing Executive role after running her own t-shirt printing business after college


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