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Eideh Titanilla

Are you stuck in the job or employee hunting? Can you take your working life in new directions? 

KARRIEREDZŐ is more likely a career coach, approaches, methods and tools are somewhere in between mentoring, training and counselling, and psychotherapy, but differs from them. The program is a unique combination of inspiring approaches for the labour market with a HEADHUNTER and RECRUITER background.
Meanwhile a coach focuses on the "here and now" – I believe that it is inevitable sometimes to dig in for the long-term result. I believe that everyone should arrive to that place in where he/she feels inspired and enthusiastic. There is a role, a vocation for each of us in the world and along with my program I support people to find it together. Sometimes on our way we have some stations in where we have to rest for a while for learning something so we can have the knowledge and power to get the final goal. It is quite unfair that people don’t feel fulfilment at work. What if we could wake up inspired to go to work and we could feel valued and we could do remarkable things with the management or our clients? Does it sound ideal?
In the KARRIEREDZŐ process that periodically takes place in interactive consultation, not only the client, but the client’s surroundings also receive a positive impact, as the magnet attracts iron, the new approach flourishing the environment.


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