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Emily and Karen


“What is a secret supper club?” I hear you ask.


Sssshhh. Not too loud. We only have twelve spaces this time around! Why it’s a monthly pop up club, a pop up restaurant with visiting a secret speaker! All are welcome be you dinner shoe or sneaker. Our speaker will pop in and pop up, possibly at a setting next to you!


“Well, what will we eat?” I hear you ask.


Expect splendid food with a twist of the unusual. Good seasonal Welsh produce with international flair. As you will see, for our suppers, you will soon walk a mile!


“Twist? Will we have to do it? That sounds alarming.”


Don’t be alarmed. Twisting is optional. I assure you, you will be charmed. If anything on your plate offends. We will whip it away and make amends.


“Well, who the devil are you?”


We are Karen, a smashing cook with an impeccable reputation, and Emily, a keen cook with many years of cooking and twisting. See our bio’s for more.


“What else is new?”


Your speaker! That’s what. Every month a new speaker will whizz through our door to take the floor with her or his scintillating conversation biz. Writers and poets, artists and experts, comedians, musicians and more, all of these smashers will come thorough our door. Well what are you waiting for?


“I’m sold! What should I do?”


You’re in! Expect a lot of good old-fashioned fun! Sign up on the guest list for this month’s happening!


“But what should I wear? I hear you cry!”


Dressing up is optional, please see the monthly theme but come as you are, come in costume, or peruse our clothes rack as you come in.


“But will I fit in? Am I too fat, am I too thin?”


Are you 80? Are you 18? No matter. You have come to make new friends and to have a natter. What you will find is a welcoming vibe and when you leave you will feel more alive!


“Will there be drinks, methinks?”


We are unlicensed as yet, but don’t fret, you can bring your own bottle, we’ll cork it for when, full throttle, you leave.


Table water will be served with a twist of lemon naturellement!


“Anything else?”


Not as far as I can tell, but do message us on our pages with requests and questions.  We are in the convo biz. Of the speaker however, we will never tell, until s/he pops up at your table, to talk of whom they are, we are completely unable! Sssshhh.

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