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Emma Wolsey

Hi there,

My name is Emma, founder of Little Ducklings baby Massage and Home Baby Massage. I’m a fully qualified spa therapist, baby massage instructor and mum to my beautiful baby Finley.

I have been a professional masseuse for over 10 years, and have worked on luxury cruise lines, exclusive spas, and 5-star hotels around Northern Ireland and the world.

When Finn was born, I began to use all of the massage techniques I'd learned on him, and I was amazed at the immediate benefits it had, both on his and my well-being, and on our relationship and bond as mother and son.

I still continue to massage my son Finn every night as part of our bedtime routine and I really cherish the lovely relaxing quiet time we get to spend together. We always light a candle, dim the lights, and put some soft meditation music on, and it really just helps him (and usually, me!) drift off to sleep.

Knowing what a difference baby massage can make to mother's life, and realising how important that little slice of calmness is in the lives of and busy, sleep deprived and sometimes stressed new mum. I wanted to reach a larger audience and share with them the beauty of baby massage. And so, I created Little Duckings Baby Masage to build a community of mums who wanted to relax, connect with and soothe their babies naturally.

We understand that having a bub isn't like those perfectly-put-together bloggers and Instagram mums would have us all believe! We know that having a baby is the messiest, most hectic, most difficult, yet most rewarding thing that anyone can do.

That's why we're passionate about creating courses that you and your child can enjoy in a warm, relaxed and friendly enviroment.

Now, I'm pleased to offer you our 6 Week Baby Massage Course, so that you too can experience the magical healing benefits of baby massage for both you and your child. 


 Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or comments about our course - we love getting feedback from other mummas =


Much love Emma xx


What are the classes like?              

At Little Ducklings Baby massage we believe in creating the calm and tranquility of a spa environment to relax both mother and child. We start off with gentle breathing and relaxation techniques to set the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing massage.


What are the benefits?


Massaging your baby enhances communication, promotes better sleep, boosts the immune system, aids digestion and elimination. Balances respiration, relieves teething pains and colic.


For parents it encourages pre-verbal communication with their baby, gives parents confidence, relaxes and helps parents unwind. Releases oxytocin, the cuddle hormone. Promotes lacation in breastfeeding mums. Helps you read your babies cues. Our classes are a great way to spend uninterrupted time with your beautiful new baby and meet new friends, share your experiences to help each other. We always enjoy tea/coffee and biscuits at the end.


What if my baby cries or needs changing?


Our classes are friendly, fun and supportive babies always come first. Please feed, change, cuddle, rock and comfort your baby. Our classes are very laid back.


What do I need to bring?


A blanket and nappy are advisable. You will receive beautiful 100% organic sunflower seed oil and handouts so you can continue massaging baby at home.


When can I start?


We recommend starting classes after your 6 week medical check.


How long do the classes last?


Classes last around one hour and run in six week blocks.


When and where are the classes?


Classes are held Tuesdays in the beautiful creche at Bangor Aurora and Wednesdays at the beautiful Old School hall Holywood.


Why Baby Massage? The benefits of this ancient artform


 Creates a Bond that will last a lifetime


You need to have a bond with your baby so baby feels loved, secure, protected and that their needs are met, which ensures a baby's survival. A traumatic birth, postnatal depression or feeding issues can slow the bonding process with is important for the mothers emotional health. You are biologically designed to bond with your baby through eye contact, touch, exchanging personal odours and vocalising. Through our loving massage we insure all these needs are meet, hence strengthening the bond between you and your baby. This is why massage is recommended by many health care providers.


A Happier Baby


Massaging your baby increases oxytocin (the happy hormone) in both mother and child. Raises endorphin levels which promotes healing and a feel-good disposition. Reduces the stress hormones like cortisol and norepinephrine, so as a result, your baby becomes calmer more relaxed as their breathing and heart rate slows down.


Encourages baby's development


Massage promotes physical self awareness as the brain is stimulated by all the new sensations. Massage tones the muscles and makes joints more flexible great for learning to crawl and walk. Massage increase’s the oxygen and nutrients vital for growth and repair.


Enhances Communication with Baby


Massaging your baby helps you learn your baby's cues. By massaging your baby you are telling your baby you are here for them. You care for them this enhances your communication with each other, and therefore builds baby's self-esteem and sociability.


Ease Discomfort


Colic, gas and constipation can cause baby discomfort. Massaging your baby's tummy can help expel gas by breaking down trapped air bubbles, help to empty the stomach of its contents which relieves constipation, tones baby's intestinal system and is soothing and relaxing. Massaging babies cheeks and gums can ease teething pains.


Promotes better sleep


Massage soothes baby's nerves, relieves muscular tension and calms helping baby drift peacefully into a deep, relaxing sleep.


Improves skin conditions


Applying natural oil to skin can soothe baby’s skin, especially babies that suffer from cradle cap, dry skin or eczema.












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