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EmotiHealth Ltd


Supporting health care professionals in this time of crisis


Helping professionals build knowledge and skills.  Over the coming weeks it is likely that our health professionals will face the greatest professional and emotional challenge of their careers.   EmotiHealth wants to serve you in this time of need so that our helpers at the frontline of care are supported in these extraordinary times.  

We will run regular webinars on topics such as:

- hope, compassion and resilience

- becoming aware of the impact of anxiety and physical symptoms in your body

- experiencing your emotions to boost immunity and build resilience in times on crisis

- circle of control, what you can and can't control, and bearing this reality.


As we make our way through the current crisis, we will commit to being as present as we can, to create a space where you can feel supported.



Dr Ange Cooper and Dr Jess Bolton, Consultant Clinical Psychologists, have brought their specialist therapeutic and teaching skills into an online learning arena for the past 2 years.  With backgrounds in emotionally focused therapy, in particular intensive short term dynamic psychotherapy and complex integration of multiple brain systems therapy, they have a deep understanding of the impact of unconscious emotions on physical and emotional health and wellbeing.  Passionate about building emotional health and capacity in clinicians across all fields of health - so that the emotional roots of distress and 'disorder', are tackled as early as possible with the least intrusive impact for patient and practitioner. 

Taking care of our own mental and emotional well-being, enables us to maximise and continue to care for others. Emotihealth aims to create a ripple effect of caring that starts from within and expands far and wide.


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