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European Center for Services Investments and Financing

European Center for Services Investments and Financing
"Your guiding star in European finance"

"We guide and empower Financial Institutions, SMEs and Professionals to beneficiate of European Finance (Financial Instruments and Grants) through information, training and consulting."

ECSIF is a company specialized in the use of European funds in both of its forms (grants and financial instruments). If until 2013, our main focus was on helping SMEs understand and access grants from national and European sources, beginning with 2014 we'we extended our expertise by assisting Financial Organizations accessing European financial instruments. Not the last, we help professionals with a financial background to fully use their experience in order to accept new professional challenges in new innovative Financial Institutions, European projects or new ventures (i.e. fin tech start-ups) where high expertise is required.

ECSIF activity is divided into 3 main areas:
1. Dissemination of information (through conferences, seminars and other forms of events);
2. Financial education (through seminars, courses and beginning with fall 2016, also online);
3. Consulting & Project Management (for grants and financial instruments).

We can assist the following types of clients:
1. Financial Institutions or Organizations;
2. SMEs;
3. Financial Professionals.

ECSIF is active especially in the SME's area of Access To Finance, EU funds for R&D and Innovation. We enjoy supporting the academic public, financial organizations, SME’s and entrepreneurs through conferences, training and consulting. Until now, ECSIF conducted more than 50 training & lectures in European funds, traditional and alternative finance for SMEs. ECSIF Events are made in collaboration with local partners all across Europe and tackles subjects related to European funding opportunities for SMEs and Financial Institutions. The conferences provide participants with updated information on the launch of European programs, news in the field of traditional financial products (loans, guarantees, insurance) and alternative financial products (venture capital equity, business angels finance and crowdfunding) that can be accessed for SME's development and investments.

Meet us:


Daniel Dumitrescu Ph.D. - Begining with 2000 Daniel started ECSIF as a business center serving startups on specific services and access to traditional debt finance. The 2008 financial crises crushed its development plans for an innovative business center and almost pushed the company in foreclosure caused by a blockage in credit lines for investment and the lack of alternative finance.
In 2010, Daniel started its consulting activity in the accession of European funds by writing a successful and unsuccessful proposal for SMEs clients, the biggest value of one project beeing of 6 million euros. But grant approval didn't mean that projects would automatically be finalized and more blockages appeared caused by the lack of co-financing alongside the grants.
As a consequence, Daniel started its doctoral research in order to find ways to boost financial access for SMEs through traditional or alternative finance.
In this context, he moved at the National Fund for SMEs Credits Guarantee where he served as coordinator of the service in charge with European legislation and institutions.
Thanks to its knowledge of the finance Industry and European funds, Daniel was selected in 2013 an evaluator for the Ministry of European Funds on the EU projects related to SMEs competitivity and Green Energy. Beginning with 2014, Daniel also serves as a European Commission Expert for the Horizon 2020, SME Instrument.


Diana Dumitrescu PhD - Holding middle management positions in the bank industry, Diana was active in assisting SMEs with high growth potential and high net worth individuals access tailored made finance needed for investments and current activity; but after the financial turmoil generated by the 2008 crisis, she was faced with different challenges related to the risk aversion of banks toward lending and the effects generated by credit defaults.

That was the point where she started a doctoral research in Cybernetics and Economic Statistics in order to identify a new business model for Financial Institutions adapted to the after crisis reality.
Accepting the challenge to change the industry toward the European funds environment was for Diana a good opportunity to identify viable solutions for Financial Institutions to retake lending in mitigated risk conditions by use of European financial instrument.
Now, after 15 years of experience in the banking industry (Eximbank, Volksbank, Veneto Banca and CEC Bank), 2 years in European funds management and a Ph.D. in European financial instruments, Diana is Managing Partner at ECSIF Ltd.

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