Evolve Leadteam Ltd.


Developing Leadership since 1996

We use the power of high quality listening to develop personal insight, meaningful direction and motivation to change.

In terms of learning from experience, the value of reflection cannot be overstated. It seems the simple, but profound process, of thinking about events and concepts is central to development and dealing with challenges as they arise.

Even though many of us know how important it is to reflect we find it difficult to make time for it. When we do set aside thinking time we need to make the most of it. We use reliable structures and available evidence to support the development of individuals and their collaborative groups.

Shirley Wardell has been working as a leadership and communications developer 1995; helping leaders to create an inclusive, productive culture for their teams and organisations.  Her focus now is helping people to thin about Climate Change, inequality and how current economic structures contribute to both.

Shirley is knowledgeable about the impact of high quality listening on individual's willingness to change and creating cohesion in groups.