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Export Essentials Workshops - DIT West Midlands

Thousands of UK businesses like yours have increased their sales, growth and stability by selling overseas. It takes preparation to export successfully and it's important to make sure you have the right resources and skills in place before you start.


Doing business outside the UK can: 

1. Make you more profitable, competitive and innovative

2. Boost your profile at home and internationally

3. Help you grow your business, because you're selling to new customers and accessing new revenues

4. Make you more resilient and allow you to spread your business risk

5. Help you get better economies of scale that aren't always possible at home

6. Give your products and services a longer commercial life, because you have access to new customers and markets

7. Transform your financial performance and balance sheet


This Export Essentials workshop is a great start for new exporters to get an overview of the exporting process. 

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