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Studio Express 625 is a conglomerate company incorporating various divisions of the music industry but specialising in promotion under the pseudonym of “Express Yo'self Promotions”. The name Studio Express 625 is reserved exclusively for the disk jockeys (DJ’s).

One of the leading names in DJ and Promotion to have evolved out of North -West London, with an established following and fan base across both London and the UK.

The company are specialists in promoting events including but not limited to Club Nights and Concerts. For a notable period Studio Express hosted ‘Lollipop” at one of the west ends leading nights clubs. Lollipop was regarded as the leading midweek event amongst revellers for over 10 years, indicative of both longevity and superiority within the industry.

Hailing from north West London, Studio Express 625 are one of the London's most popular street sounds. DJ Ali on the decks With Dodd on the mic they have been entertaining the public for over 15yrs. They have gone from strength to strength over the years playing a wide mixture of music but mainly specializing in soul music.

Dodd aka the g.o.a.t is one of the most versatile mc's in the business, and it has often been said that he could get the dead to rave if given the chance. Dodd first applied his trade on local sounds in the north West London. He joined Studio
Express in the early to mid 90's and quickly created a style which has been well received over the years. One of the highlights of Dodd's career was being crowned mc of the year in 1999 at the industry street sound awards. Dodd says "I
get my vibe off the crowd they are the most important part of any rave and if I can leave at least one person at the end of the night with a smile on their face then my job is done - nuff said". Dodd has truly left his mark on the street sound industry for years to come.

DJ Ali has always had an ear for music and can spot a potential hit way before it happens. He joined Studio Express in the late 80's playing mainly rare grooves. Over the years his knowledge of music has helped him become one of the most popular DJ's on the circuit, DJ Ali says, " The art of a good dj is to read the crowd put yourself in the mind of a raver, ask youself what would I want to hear when I go out. You don't want to hear the same tunes every week, so you need to keep it fresh that doesn't mean all the time playing something new. People like to hear things they haven't heard in a long time. I believe the secret to Studio Express 625 success is that we don't stay on one thing too long, it's all about keeping up with new styles of music, like every successful company you need to know what the current changes are in your market."

Studio Express is an innovative and established company with a diverse clientele and approximately 2000 registered followers, active on the main social networking sites. As well as clubs and concerts, Studio Express entertains for formal and professional clients. Dee jaying at large-scalecorporation events and for professionals who prefer the more personal approach.


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