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Things you NEED, from people you TRUST, on terms you NEGOTIATE.

Everything we do here at Favorey is centered around trust. We believe in people, in the spirit of the community, we believe everyone has something to offer. Those beliefs are the driving force behind everything we do.

We have created an app that’s beautifully designed and simple to use

We’re building a community of trust, where we can all ask for help from trusted contacts, and use our skills to help others. Using the power of social networks to create new communities that help each other.

Do you struggle to find someone you trust to do the things you need? My friend, your struggle is over! Grab your best friend (your mobile phone) and download the Favorey app. A trusted network where you can get…


Things you NEED, from people you TRUST, on terms you NEGOTIATE….


It’s often said we’re only six degrees of separation from anyone on the planet.....why can’t six degrees of separation become one network of cooperation?


Favorey won the ‘Best Consumer App 2017’ award at TechXLR8 in Excel.




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