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Fertility Frequency

Sheena Dean and Julia Scott-Russell are the founders of 'Fertility Frequency', with a shared vision which views the difficulties in conception as an opportunity for self compassion: to seek rest, go within and explore nourishing practices to restore your body’s health and abundance.


Sheena Dean works in secondary care Mental Health Services as a trainer, group facilitator, consultant, advocate and activist for and with people with a diagnosis of personality disorder and those with psychosis. She has trained as a visual artist and photographer at University of Bath and combined these streams facilitating therapeutic arts groups, projects and community commissions for public art, dealing with culturally sensitive issues and mental well-being for councils and disability arts organisations.


Sheena has been a spiritual practitioner for over 20 years, practicing as a psychic, teaching meditation, offering guidance, and is currently completing the final year of the Healing Diploma at the School of Intuition and Healing. She has been working with Crystal Singing Bowls since 2016.


Julia Scott-Russell is an empathic and intuitive professional sound therapist who has been working with the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls for over five years. An accomplished sound bath facilitator and treatment practitioner, Julia uses only premium quality Alchemy bowls for her sound therapeutics.


"I am passionate about the therapeutic use of sound for both health and wellbeing. My focus is facilitating Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl sessions. These are a therapeutic sound immersion experience which result in the deepest relaxation for both body and mind. They calm internal chatter, provide a digital detox, and serve as an alternative treatment for anxiety and stress. When the Alchemy bowls are played simultaneously, their extraordinary resonance and the seamless blend of harmonic frequencies emanating from them helps people to quickly and effortlessly reach a meditative state of peace and clarity."


Julia is the founder of 'Halcyon Sounds', an organisation driven to promote wider sound therapy practice and collaboration with other sound professionals. Halcyon Sounds aims to broaden public awareness and expound upon the exciting benefits of this new healing modality via podcasts, blog articles, events, retreats and programme of training.


In partnership with the UK distributor for Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Julia promotes the practice of sound therapy by proudly providing the only sound-therapy certified practitioner training and sound bath facilitation course in the UK.


Outside of sound therapy, Julia has been practising Usui Reiki for over ten years and has been a Reiki master teacher for five. This, combined with her experience within business management consultancy, film production and event management, grounds her approach to wellbeing with an accessible and down-to-earth style.

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