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Payment solutions driven by perfection


Since 2010, Fibonatix has integrated over 12,000 bespoke payment solutions, each one designed to help our merchants maximise transaction acceptance, fully protect their organization against risk and significantly boost online revenues.


But what makes us different from other payment services providers?

We are on your side, fighting with you to overcome the challenges and pain-points. We share your visions and aspirations and provide the holistic, localised support and guidance needed throughout your journey towards success.


Combine this with the most advanced PCI-DSS level 1 compliant technology and the most comprehensive range of payment options available, and you get a payment solution that is truly driven by perfection.

When it comes to delivering payments success, 99% right is always wrong.


Our Philosophy

We believe that perfection is a way of life. The potential to achieve perfection is everywhere, in every single task, challenge, process or interaction.


To uncover it is what we see as our way of doing business. A continual pursuit to shed conceptions such as “almost”,“passable”, and “OK”.


To have no middle ground, no “nearly” or “just quite”, to see the world as either black or white, 0 or 1, to never settle for or be satisfied by anything less than perfect.

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