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Floating Art Workshop

"In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes" Andy Warhol said. Today, everyone can be an artist. This is our belief and one of the aims of Floating Art. We are dedicated to increasing the public's entry into the art field, learning from different artists and art movements from different cultures, from east to west, ancient to contemporary, developing unique ideas through the conversation with ones inner-self, and integrating art with life.
We have various affordable art classes that allow everyone to learn art in a relaxing and pleasurable atmosphere. We are not like the traditional art classes, our classes offer a different approach. Learning interesting practices and discussions helping to simplify the difficult academic theories. It does not mean we are not concerned about the theories and painting techniques, but we educate your body and mind to understand art through various activities, reaching the idea of thinking and learning through making.
Whether you are an artist or art student that wants to improve your techniques and enrich your knowledge, or you are an art beginner who is trying to find your way to start your art practice, or even you just want to try something new apart from daily life, our classes will definitely be a great choice for you.
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