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Flow Cytometry has been established in research and clinical laboratories for over 30 years and is a crucial technique in many investigations. However, the appreciation of how cytometers work and how best to set up and optimise an experiment is often lacking.



Established in 2014 these highly successful courses are designed by experts in flow cytometry and aimed at those relatively new to the field. The modular design of the courses allows delegates to build on knowledge from one course to the next, giving them the opportunity to implement ‘best practises’ and ultimately improving their flow cytometry experiments. It is recommended that delegates attend both modules.




Module 1



This course covers the fundamentals of the technology and builds up the knowledge of the delegates through a series of lectures, exercises, practical examples and interactive learning.



The learning objectives of Module 1 are:



  • Gain an overview of the technology and its uses.
  • Have a understanding of how a cytometer works
  • Recognise the need for good sample preparation
  • Understand appropriate fluorochrome choice
  • Appreciate the importance of fluorescence compensation
  • Be able to design a simple flow cytometry experiment
  • Have a greater understanding on how to optimise your results
  • Be able to communicate your results to your peers



Module 2


 This two-day course complements and builds on the knowledge that delegates have gained in Module 1. Advanced topics are covered and delegates work through the design of several multicolour panels. Module 2 also includes a tour of the Babraham Institute Core Facility.



The learning objectives of Module 2 are:


  • Be able to better plan and execute an experiment
  • Be able to use appropriate controls in an experiment
  • Understand the set up a cytometer to ensure optimal data is produced
  • Be able to plan an experiment of 4-12 colours
  • Be able to carry out data analysis of acquired data and present it for publication
  • Be able to assess publication quality material
  • Understand the common problems with experiments and instrumentation and how to troubleshoot them



The flow cytometry courses at BI are interactive, lecture and exercise based courses given by experts in the field who can share their in-depth knowledge of an evolving technology.   These courses are ideal for those using Flow Cytometry in Industry and Academia
These modular courses are linked and have been designed to build up knowledge of flow cytometry to ensure that the delegate is confident to design, carry out, analyse and present their flow cytometry data. 


Testimonials from past courses:


Brilliant course that is well designed for the beginner and as a refresher'
‘A fantastic course which covers all of the basic elements of flow cytometry   Truly one of the most useful biology-based technical training courses I have attended’
‘Explained a lot of things other courses have glossed over and explained them really well!.’
‘An outstanding flow cytometry course that helped me to be much more confident to run experiments on my own.'

‘Excellent, clearly presented course from experts who use examples and share their experience with enthusiasm and patience for a varied audience’.

‘A great way to begin your understanding in flow cytometry. Friendly, approachable course tutors make it easy to get to grips with concepts which may be new to you’
‘Module one provides a good introduction to flow cytometry. A great range of topics is covered from how cytometers work, through to presentation of data. I’m looking forward to module 2.’
‘Very professional course led by two very enthusiastic experts.  I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about the basics of FC.’
‘Well designed, detailed overview of many aspects of flow.  Ideal for new user who needs to start designing and quality controlling own experiment’


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