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Founded in the summer of 2016, Food85 celebrates the culture of slow, locally produced food and pays homage to East Asian philosophy. Inspired by her Korean and Japanese heritage, and the ancient tradition of fermentation, founder Lily Hirasawa first began making vegan kimchi with Buddhist monks, behind the walls of the oldest monastery in Seoul, South Korea.


Embodying the Buddhist practice of mindfulness and the art of slow foods; the process of fermentation is a deliberate one. The slow development allows for the accumulation of complex flavours and layering, resulting in a distinct and delicious experience on the plate. Our slow foods are made in local communities, and this mindful process encourages us to consider the entire journey of our food and the lives involved. From soil to plate, our locally made fermented foods help remind us of our place in the world and the interconnectedness of all living things. Through collaborations and supper clubs with small artisan businesses, Food85 aims to harness an appreciation for local tradition, connectivity and the pleasure of mindful eating.


At Food85, we place emphasis on a balanced approach to wellbeing and a respect for all nature brings to us. Fermented foods are made with the aid of microscopic organisms; strains of lactobacilli bacteria unlock vitamins and minerals that would otherwise remain undigested by the human body. After decades of misunderstanding, we are now beginning to appreciate how to co-exist with these ancient creatures and how beautifully they take care of our minds and bodies.


Through cultivating the power of this ecosystem, Food85 offers a chance to reconnect with our food and the world we live in, the soil and all its inhabitants.

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