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From Pitch to Boardroom Limited

How do world class football coaches mentor and train their teams to perform to the best of their ability that our corporate managers find very difficult to emulate in the commercial world?”
From Pitch to Boardroom is a unique book and training program that draws on the remarkable career and insight of Christian Damiano (Former French National and English Premier League coach), blended with the business acumen and corporate experience of Stuart Blyth. They share insights, stories, and challenges that great football teams face when they seek championship glory and demonstrate how these techniques can be used in the boardroom to maximize team performance.
Our Philosophy is:
• Unique • Transformative • Global Appeal  • Simple
To compete in today’s fast-moving marketplace, companies need to be:
• Agile
• Execute strategy faster
• Flexible
• Adaptable
They also need to:
• To outperform competitors
Too often companies overlook the importance of team selection as a fundamental platform for achieving team excellence. By installing sustainable team excellence companies will manage teams with more predicable results at a pace that will outperform their competitors.
Our bespoke courses and workshops are delivered to executive teams with a collaborative approach. Taking the principles from the book and guiding the delegates through a learning process with the aid of an interactive game, the training delivers techniques that can be used immediately on returning to the workplace.
As Football is so pervasive within our society the delegates will have a constant reminder of their training and the techniques learned from the experience. These lessons will consequently be reinforced on a regular basis.
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