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Fumi Desalu-Vold - Fumi Fashion and Beauty

Fumi Desalu-Vold is a former Super Model,( Winner of the 1st Super Model of Nigeria) an International Actress and Television personality & Host/Presenter. 
Born in Moscow Russia & raised in Scotland to West African Parents. (Her father is Nigerian and her mother is from The Gambia).
Fumi became the 1st Super Model of West Africa in 1991. She went on to grace all the major fashion designers with her presence on the runways of Paris, Milan, London and New York. 
She became a Judge on Top Model of Colour last year for other aspiring models who want to walk in her footsteps. 
She didn’t stop there, upon her relocation from London to New York she was accepted at the famed Actors Studio where none other than James Lipton declared that she was going to be a Star.
And so she has, not only in Hollywood where she had memorable parts in the number 1 television show at the time, Ugly Betty, but also Feature films with actors, Eddie Murphy in Norbit, American Dreamz starring Hugh Grant and Maid of Honor with Patrick Dempsey to name a few.
She also had a successful acting career in Norway. (Her husband is Norwegian) She speaks the language  and starred in Norwegian television Soaps and feature films such as Varg Veum where she was the only actor in the film to speak in three languages. Afrikaans, English and Norwegian. 
Just recently relocated to London, she’s has already starred in the American television show 24. 
Fumi was also featured in the American magazine, People as a timeless beauty. 
She’s a professional make-up artist and fashion/Style blogger, Fumi says,  “she learnt from the very best in the fashion industry” during her modelling years. 
She’s had her beauty tips featured in various international beauty magazines and websites such as Fashion fair cosmetics, Italian Vogue and other Nigerian and Scandinavian magazines.
Even Super Star and recording artist, Jennifer Lopez followers her on Instagram for beauty tips.
And as such has taken all of her experiences and training in her 20-plus-year career in the fashion and entertainment industry and launched her You Tube channel to showcase exquisite Fashion & style, makeup tutorials/reviews & Health & Fitness. She’s also gone on to launch an ever growing and demanding segment called Sister-2Sister where she mentors as Life Coach taking examples from her experiences. Her Youtube channel, Fumi Fashion and Beauty has been so successful that it has caught the eyes of the American television network, E! Entertainment as Fumi has her own Fashion Police Red Carpet Review she does every season at the advice of none other than the late Joan Rivers. This year she was invited by the network to their exclusive Golden Globes watch-along party alongside other celebrities’ elite in London. Phew. 
She says “Fashion is so much more than the big four” fashion weeks which she’s modelled in for over 15 years.
Her multicultural background has exposed her to various lifestyles and different attitudes towards fashion and has strengthened her motherland ties and pride in being African. 
She says “everything I’ve been exposed to, be it in film, music, travel, pop culture etc, my foundation has always been fashion. It’s what I’ve always loved since I was a little girl way before I ever became a Super model or an actress, I just really loved fashion”.
With a degree in Business Administration, she’s building her brand the best way it represents her and finding a niche in the industry that is unique to her aesthetic. 
She doesn’t believe fashion is an individual entity, “If you look closely, fashion is linked to history and culture which makes it all the more appealing. 
It pricks one curiosity to travel to different parts of the world where these trends are inspired from, which ultimately educates you. 
Naturally, Fumi is especially keen on the design inspired by African aesthetics as a whole.
She considers all 53 Countries within the African Continent a great platform because all of these Countries are incredibly different and a never-ending inspiration that the world has not fully been exposed to.
Fumi is working towards having her own daytime talk show and continues to work in the world of entertainment and fashion. 
Growth is key, she emphasises. 
With a degree in Business Administration, Fumi and her husband have their own company and are looking forward to launching her own clothing collection (Lot’s of beautiful & colourful Kaftans),, make-up brand and signature fragrance, building her brand to represent her vision and carving out a niche in the industry that is unique to her lifestyle & projects.
With affiliations with the beauty companies such as Eylure, Smashbox cosmetics and more in the pipeline this year, Fumi is absolutely one to watch out for because 2017 is going to be a very active year for her.


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