Fusion GT & Fusion Aesthetics Academy


Fusion GT is a dynamic company specialising in the research of technological innovation in aesthetic and non-aesthetic medicine, with the exclusive distribution aims of becoming a global supplier.

Since its foundation, Fusion GT has been committed to improving the United Kingdom’s healthcare by introducing new and emerging Soft Surgery medical technologies to the healthcare industry. And, to effectively achieve this goal, we have focused on bringing a high level of expertise and training of every one of our clients. It is with this kind of dedication that Fusion GT is able to deliver high-quality service and support to medical professionals across the UK.

In our constant effort to provide state-of-the-art technology, we have noticed an increasing need for non-surgical equipment.

We are committed to being a partner to our clients and an unlimited resource in pursuit of medical aesthetic excellence.

Created to give you the best in ethical education within the Aesthetic industry, Fusion Aesthetics Academy is here to help you achieve your goals by helping you to understand the different areas of the industry and help you to pick the best options for your skill base or passion. Utilizing your prior knowledge and learning which helps with chosen pathway without any added expense.

We created a purpose-built training facility in London for all training protocols and procedures where we run courses for medical and aesthetic practitioners only.


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