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25 uniquely designed card illustrations, telling the story of Freedo, each one is a Universal Symbol that holds important information that can help us live the dream. Each card has an interpretation, affirmation & guidance

Freedo created by Gary Winer & Bob Chandler

Illustrations painted by Sharon Waxkirsh

Graphic Design by Sarjana Sky


First, a subject is chosen that represents some part of yourself and your life that you wish to either release or increase. You may wish to release fear, sadness, a phobia or addiction etc. or increase love, health, wealth etc.

Then you are guided through a creative Journey (Process) consisting of an Intuitive Reading, Mind Meditation, Body Activation & Daily Ritual. Each card has its own individual Journey made up of ancient and modern knowledge. We gain new insights and realisations, creating more alignment with ourselves, our lives and the world.

To bring Freedo into your life and start living the dream, you can give yourself or friends a FREEDO CARD reading or to go deeper simply join one of our RETREATS, play online with HOMEPLAY by yourself/with others or attend one of our WORKSHOPS, WEBINARS, TALKS or PRIVATE sessions.

Simplicity is key to living a life of freedom.

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Journey of Self-Discovery

Free yourself from the constraints of the mind, expand your senses, challenge the "Status Quo" excel your natural state, live life to the fullest. Do it your way, it’s your life, your rules, your own journey.

Freedo is all about helping you regain your personal universe and realising your own power in order to create a universe in a way that serves all humanity in the best possible way.

Freedo will take you on a journey of self-discovery, giving you useful information, personal messages and magical insights into the world we live in.

Life Seems Unclear Sometimes

Sometimes we can't see certain parts of our life clearly, often creating confusion, frustration, procrastination, conflict and feelings of resistance.

Your Own Crystal Ball

​Freedo is about seeing your life clearly and recognising why you are experiencing it the way you are and what you can do to change it for the better.

“I experienced Freedo not expecting anything life changing, the opposite is the reality, things have happened and decisions been made that will transform my life forever and in an incredibly fantastic way”

- Kevin Wilkinson

Creating Your Own Life Experience

Life in many ways has already been written, the game already has rules that we agreed to play when we were born. Imagine re-writing your own life story, or playing the game of life where you make the rules.

Freedo Is a Cosmic Journey

Use Freedo to look at different parts of your life and how you can simply transform it into your dream.