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Gennadiy Ivanov

My name is Gennadiy Ivanov. I am a Russian artist, working in the Studio Art Gallery in Norwich. Member of the famous local artists group Norwich 20 ( Last year I was nominated by local EDP24 news paper as best artists of Norfolk, and I was in the top 3 artists.

          I was born in Vladimir City in the Russian Federation in 1968 into a military family and grew up in various places in the former Soviet Union.

My artistic potential was identified in my teenage years and after serving in the Belarus Army I went to Art College in Belarus and graduated with the highest grades in 1991 in Fine Art specializing in stained glass, fine art and decoration. Since then, I have worked as a professional artist in several galleries, a local folk museum, theatre, Bobruisk city art studios and as an interior designer in Belarus and Europe. I have been painting professionally for almost 30 years. My artworks are exhibited widely and I have paintings in Private Collections all over the world.

           Now, I am a UK-based artist.  I graduated with MAFA from Norwich University in 2010. I am an artist with synthetic thinking and a technique artist. This allows me to work simultaneously in several directions and styles. My paintings demand from a spectator intellectual, visual and emotional effort.

           As a Russian national from Belarus, I have experience of being a migrant artist. I still have very strong connections with my native country through family and through art.

         I am spending a years in planning my ideas for my curatorial exhibitions. I inviting fellow international artists and from Norwich, Norfolk, Cambridge, Scotland, London and further afield to collaborate.

My work is large-scale and powerful with the whole space making a labyrinth of interwoven work: paintings, sculptures, structures and installations.  My idea is to create the theatre where the spectator is a part of the DRAMA: my drama, your drama, our drama, and the world’s drama.

The exhibitions has set the tone for following years: conflicts, repressions, asylum, revolutions, wars: and stimulating, disrupting, questioning audience – all political and poignant subjects, but also very personal and moving.

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