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Gerry McGivern

Genistar was created to help give people a PHD in finance. By PHD we mean: Proper Honest Direction when it comes to being educated on how money really works. When you build a house you need an architectural plan, when it comes to your money you need a Financial Game Plan to look at where you are at today and set some goals for the future.

We are a financial education company and our mission is to help families become debt free and financially independent. We do this through education and by involving YOU in the planning process. Instead of advice we offer something better: education to make the right choices.  It’s amazing that the average person receives 14,000 hours of formal education, very little is dedicated to goal setting and financial literacy.  So, not surprisingly, only 5% of the population, when they reach age 65, are financially secure with the other 95% having to continue to work or are broke and having to make the choice between food or heating.

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