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Give a Kidney - one's enough

Give a Kidney is a registered charity, set up in 2011 by a group of people committed to promoting non-directed (altruistic) living kidney donation. The founding members include 10 people who each gave a kidney to a stranger under the NHS non-directed living kidney donor scheme.

  • 300 people in need of a kidney die each year – that’s almost one every day
  • around 5,600 people are on the NHS waiting list for a kidney transplant

A kidney transplant is the very best treatment option for many people with kidney disease, but the waiting list is long. Most people wait an average of three years for a transplant but, for some, the wait is much longer. If more people donated a healthy kidney – and we humans only need one kidney to lead a full and healthy life – the waiting list for transplants would shrink. Many more people with kidney disease could come off dialysis and regain their health and independence.

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