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Go Fish Education Ltd

Private Tutoring

If you are looking for tutoring for your child you have come to right place.  I can offer small group tutoring in a well-equipped learning zone.  I currently offer tutoring in Maths and Grammar School Entrance Exams.


What kind of Mindset do you have?

People with a fixed mindset tend to have a very static and unchanging view of their abilities and potential.  This, in turn, affects their performance and success rates.

For people with a growth mindset, their potential and opportunities are endless.  They believe that they can learn anything they want to and have the perseverance to keep trying when they find things tough or are challenged by what’s in front of them.  They know that their effort and attitude determine everything.

I am currently running workshops for children and adults which examine the theory of mindset and provide strategies to develop a growth mindset to apply in all areas of life.


Do you know how well your child is doing at school?  My assessments can establish your child’s attainment in spelling, reading, comprehension and maths. Using WRAT 4 I can assess your child’s basic academic skills which are necessary for effective learning, communication and thinking with a psychometrically sound assessment.  I can also provide you and your child with an accurate reading age and standardised score using the Salford Reading Test.


My extensive experience both in mainstream and special education affords me the experience and expertise in the following fields:

  • Emotional health, well-being and resilience
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability


Education is a vast and varied field which is often complex and difficult to navigate.  Please feel free to contact me regarding any aspect of education from choosing the right school to what ‘A’ Levels your child should take.  I will do all I can to advise and support.

Please feel free to peruse my website which I hope you find helpful.  Or, just drop me a text, or email or phone for a chat.  If I can’t help I’m sure I can signpost you in the right direction.


I love teaching.  I love learning.  I love encouraging kids to do better than they thought.  As a qualified teacher with postgraduate qualifications in Advanced Educational Studies and Subject Leadership, I have always been judged as Outstanding by OFSTED.  I have experience of teaching Maths, English, Philosophy and Ethics and PSHE to all age ranges from Year 1 to Year 13 including GCSE and ‘A’ Level.  As an ex-Headteacher, I have extensive leadership and management experience and expertise in the field of Special Educational Needs and Disability as a qualified SENDCo.  I hold an enhanced CRB certificate.

Every minute is a learning minute!

Kerry Brown

Whilst every effort is taken to optimise your child’s learning experience, Go Fish Education makes no promises or warranties with regard to a child’s performance as a result of the tutoring/workshop provided.



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