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The most common regret people have on their deathbed is that they didn't have the courage to live a life true to themselves. Fear of change and complying with others stopped them achieving their dreams. That’s why we’ve created GoGetters, to give you the space and community to break free from everyday constraints and live a life full of fun and fulfilment.

GoGetters Co-Founders Harry Coburn (left) and Josh Phillips (right)


Harry Coburn

When Harry was 19, he was rushed to hospital with Meningitis and told he had half a day left to live. Thanks to the right treatment quickly, he made a full recovery and since that day he has valued things quite differently. After roles at IBM, Credit Suisse, Google, and Lloyds Banking Group, he became frustrated with the corporate world and began to take life into his own hands. Since then he's travelled across all 7 continents, lived in the Jungle with Jaguars, swam naked in Antarctica, helped build a multi-million-pound business, built a community centre in Nicaragua, hitchhiked from London to Morocco, cycled across Europe, competed in the world’s first Ice obstacle course, ran multiple marathons, mentored dozens of start-ups. And he’s just getting started.

As Harry has pushed himself out of his comfort zone to achieve these experiences, he has inspired and been inspired by people who exhibit key qualities that help get the best from life. To bring these learnings and people together to have the biggest impact possible - GoGetters was born.


Dr. Josh Phillips

Josh is co-founder of GoGetters. He has been many things - a travel entrepreneur, a social innovation consultant, a development team leader in Zambia, a researcher in the UK, St. Lucia, Ghana, and Poland, a teacher in France, a volunteer in Borneo - but always a GoGetter. His motto for life is do, learn, do better.

After completing his PhD at Cambridge University and Queen Mary University London, he’s focused on designing and implementing social innovation, entrepreneurship, and impact projects around the world. He’s passionate about maximising the innovation and impact of the global GoGetters Challenge Community.

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"GoGetters surrounded me with an incredible group of highly talented and inspirational people, all who want to help each other achieve their dreams. It's made me much more GoGetter and got me doing things which I would never have done before" - Stephen (Engineer at Heathrow Express, MBA at London Business School, GoGetter)

"To be connected to a new likeminded community makes my life happier. Challenge myself into the unknown gives me a kick and therefore those experiences enrich my life."
- Cristina (Ex-Ecommerce at Unilever, worldwide traveller/explorer, ex-professional tennis player, GoGetter)  


"Everyone has things they'd like to achieve, so why *wouldn't* you want to be part of it?!"
- Zina (TV Script and Development Editor, GoGetter)



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