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Gomentum Ltd

Welcome to Gomentum, continuously moving your business forward by simply meeting, planning, reviewing and doing.


Our WHY?


Gomentum revolutionise support for business owners. We exist with one intension, to dispel “Norm”. Who’s Norm?


Norm has existed for years. According to our research and experience, Norm is the average street corner corporate Business Coach, or franchise Business Coach.


Norm’s at least 45, rocks up in his/her grey suit, baffles you with an often-irrelevant corporate career, preaches text book theories, kills his/her credibility having never owned an independent business from start-up, sits nicely on his/her corporate pension pot, has no real insight to the everyday family, financial and life sacrifices endured by the average SME business owner.  


Ring any bells? Wry smile on your face?


Our HOW?


Gomentum understand the “real-world”.


We’ve started successful businesses ourselves with just £500. We wake up at 3am thinking about our “to-do” list. We have first-hand experience of the family, life and financial sacrifices. We too, dare to dream.


Most important to our customers however, is that we’re not just a sounding board. We roll up our sleeves, provide experienced resource and get involved. We share the pain, ticking items off on your “to-do” list.




Our services deliver four key areas of support.


PLANNING – We write, amend or update business plans. Alternatively, we offer expert guidance on how to produce an effective business plan.


STRATEGY – We look at the challenges faced by your business. We identify your strengths and weaknesses. We find answers, enabling you to achieve your objectives.


RESOURCE – We evaluate resource requirements, both current and future. We offer to be experienced resource in your work place, or alternatively, we help you recruit and build the ultimate motivated workforce.


COACHING – We provide that all important perspective. Sure, you know your business inside out, what does it look like from the outside in?


For more information, a coffee and a chat, or to simply take your business forward with momentum, call us on 0117 403 7400 or email


Success never stops, the right time to do something, is now.

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