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Greater Manchester Law Centre

“The right to justice is as important as a right to health or education.
For many, law centres provide the only means for free,
high-quality legal advice and representation.
Quite simply, no representation means no access to justice.”
Greater Manchester Law Centre is an organisation that aims to provide free legal advice and representation to the residents of the entirety of the Greater Manchester region. Our work focuses on the needs of clients who for multiple reasons of exclusion cannot access legal help from private solicitors. We expect to provide in-depth case work to a specialist level in:

We aspire to be a leading community Law Centre in Britain, with a strong legal practice providing expert advice, casework and representation, enabling people in Greater Manchester to be active citizens, to protect and promote their interests, to understand their legal rights and, when necessary, to enforce them.

As well as offering legal advice, Greater Manchester Law Centre campaign for the restoration of comprehensive legal aid as an essential part of the welfare state. In addition, continuing in the tradition of campaigning law centres, our longer term goals will also be to encourage the future generations of conscientious lawyers.
Fundamentally, this is a law centre by the community and for the community – so we do need your help!

The Greater Manchester Law Centre is a member of the Law Centres Network
Registered Charity Number 1170317
Registered Company 09698401


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