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Grozone Community Garden

Grozone is a community garden, wildlife, sustainabilty and wellbeing project in the middle of Northwich. Described by many as a ‘hidden oasis’, the garden provides a sense of purpose and place of tranquillity and sanctuary for its many volunteers and visitors.
Grozone is a place where people can relax, make friends, learn new skills and improve their health in a welcoming and supportive outdoor environment.


What do we do?

Grozone staff run a varying programme of outdoor activities and workshops on site for anyone who would like to take part (ranging from food growing & outdoor cooking to practical construction projects), and tailored sessions (such as Forest School Programmes and Team Building Days) for organised groups. We can also deliver a range of sessions, and carry out practical gardening and construction work, at other sites.
Everything we do is geared towards improving the wellbeing of participants.


Who do we work with?

We work with individuals from across the community who volunteer their time with us, as well as school groups, businesses and a variety of partner agencies who refer people to us. We welcome people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities/disabilities.