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GuidedPR is here to help you become more visible, credible and influential.

GuidedPR is a public relations platform powered by artificial intelligence, that connects journalists with small business owners and guides the owners on how to create compelling content to share with the media.
We help you become more visible by:
- guiding you on how to structure your expertise into compelling content;
- providing you with a template content calendar so you know when and where to post;
- step-by-step guides on how to create social media posts, videos and blog posts;
- showing you the best time of the day to post content for maximum engagement.
We help you become more credible by:
- using AI technology to quickly and accurately match journalist requests with your profile;
- send your comments to hundreds of journalists a day;
- if the journalist likes your comments, your name and company get mentioned in the article, giving you the credibility as an expert in your field.
We help you become more influential by:
- guiding you on how to use your visibility and credibility to influence your audience’s decision to buy from you;
- guiding you on how to create Linkedin and email marketing campaigns to sell your products or services.
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The founder
Rafael dos Santos is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur and international speaker listed on the Sunday Times List "Top 100 Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs in the UK".

Rafael's award-winning TEDx Talk 'What It Takes To Be A Migrant Entrepreneur' has been watched over 155.000 times.

Rafael will get you featured in newspapers and magazines - he has featured in Forbes, BBC, Evening Standard, The Guardian, Daily Mail and over 65 publications worldwide and has given tv and radio interviews to most channels. Rafael list of media contacts will help you become more visible, more credible and more influential.