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HackYourFuture is a not-for-profit coding school for refugees and other people that have limited access to education and the labor market. Currently active in The Netherlands, Canada, Belgium and Denmark, HackYourFuture believes in a world where education and quality jobs are accessible for all. 

Only 11% of the refugees who arrived in The Netherlands in 2014 had a job within 2.5 years, yet more than 85% of HYF’s graduates find a job as a developer. They have helped more than 120 people into employment in the Netherlands, and close to 200 across four countries. Meaningful, high-quality jobs that bring in tax revenues and help to fill job vacancies in the IT sector.

All of this is possible thanks to an amazing network of volunteers who teach the fundamentals of programming in their free time. And because of companies hiring talented junior developers based on their potential and drive, not their background. And finally because of the generous financial support received through donations and organizations like the ING Nederland fonds.


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