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Harnessing Technology: The Technology Model Roll Out

The technology model, developed by the New Care Models programme, is being rolled out to vanguards and STP areas with support from the South, Central & West and North of England CSU support team.

The model is a set of diagnostic tools which will help local teams identify digital capabilities and technical architecture requirements for New Care Models across your locality.

The support team have started engaging with a number of areas and are helping local teams use the diagnostic tools to identify the technology they may need to support care delivery.

In addition to the local workshops the team are also planning a number of regional workshops to take place in March. The regional workshops will be an opportunity to bring people interested in using the model together and will focus on transferring skills and knowledge to develop expert users, enabling sustainability of the model beyond the New Care Models programme.

A number of expert user WebEx training sessions will also take place between the end of February and March to spread the learning even further.  Details about the regional workshops and WebEx sessions are available via Eventbrite and the Future NHS platform.

An introductory video about the technology model is available on the Future NHS platform and on YouTube.  This is an opportunity to support your local work that should not be missed!

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