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Based in Bristol, Head4Performance brings together two vastly experienced coaches, trainers and business-thinkers, Jo Hale and Sara Cottrell.

We’re here to help businesses,teams and leaders perform better. And we do that by working in partnership with clients, focusing on the three essentials of high performance: strategyplanning and people.

But what makes us different from countless other consultancies promising to help you take your business to the next level?

That isn’t easy to put into words, because ultimately, it all comes down to chemistry. But we’re never daunted by a challenge, so let’s give it a go. . .

Six things you’ll like about working with H4P

We’re skilled facilitators
We understand that businesses aren’t machines, and people aren’t cogs. We’re good at coaxing and cajoling, as well as (occasionally) cracking the whip.

We’re a great double-act
We – Sara and Jo – have known each other for centuries (well, it sometimes feels like it), and bring complementary skills and attributes to working with clients.

We speak different languages
We mean that metaphorically; we’re very good at adapting to our surroundings, expressing ideas and learning-points in words that make perfect sense to the people we’re working with.

We understand success takes many forms
Working with smaller enterprises, in particular, we understand that the bottom line isn’t always the only measure of improved performance. Sometimes, for example, reaching a point where the business-owner can take a holiday represents a brilliant result

We’re good at showing, as well as telling
Clarity is a speciality of ours. And we’ve learned over the years that a lot of people respond much more positively when information and ideas are presented visually, as well as verbally. Look; here’s what needs to change . . .

We get the job done
This has to go last, because without it, nothing else we do would count. Strategies, plans, frameworks, toolkits, structures, processes… with us, they are only as good as the action and change that follow, and the results they enable our clients to achieve.

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