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Heads of Educational Development Group
The Heads of Educational Development Group (HEDG) is a not-for-profit Association.
‘Heads of Educational Development’ for the purposes of this Association is defined as follows:
The term ‘Head’ is understood to mean a person holding responsibility for cross-institutional educational development in a Higher Education Institution in the UK.
The term ‘educational development’ is understood to include activities designed to:
  • improve teaching, learning and assessment practices in higher education,
  • promote the professional development of all staff with a teaching or learning support role,
  • contribute to organisational and policy development in higher education with respect to learning and teaching at institutional, regional and national levels,
  • support the learning development of students
  • promote informed debate, research and scholarly activity relating to the above.
HEDG is an Association which exists for the following purposes:
  • To provide a network for the communication of ideas and sharing of good practice relating to the institutional role of heads of educational development as defined above
  • To promote discussion about matters of common interest to the members
  • To represent the common interests or concerns of its members to national organisations
  • To liaise and collaborate with other organisations with common interests to promote the aims of HEDG
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