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HEART BEATS - Living from the Heart Space

"HEART BEATS Community & Events" encourages heart-centred living which implies trusting your heart’s intuition, living an authentic life in alignment with your real self, living from a place of love and not fear, and making your soul happy by living a meaningful life.  In this community we will come together to deeply explore ourselves, heal and embrace our true essence.

During the events we will explore a wide range of themes and topics to expand our self-knowledge, life understanding and personal & spiritual growth:

· Authenticity
· Self-love and compassion
· Overcoming fears and limiting beliefs
· Understanding your emotions and feelings
· Healing emotional blocks
· Love, connection and relationships
· Inner wisdom and heart's intelligence
· Energy and vibrations
· Keys for successful communication
· Manifesting the life you want
· Discover your life purpose

  And many others

The events will take place in various forms: workshops with interactive exercises, group discussions, talks given by the event host or guest speakers.

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