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Heidi Strickland-Clark of FastTrack Fit Camp

Heidi Strickland-Clark is a wellness rebel inspiring people to take full responsibility for their health as she does her own.

An award winning and established business owner, she's grown and nurtured her FastTrack Fit Camp community to have a life beyond the business.

Her social enterprise business, FastTrack Fit Camp, uses 50% of it's profits to support, create and develop local environmental and sustainable programmes. FastTrack Fit Camp has been accredited with the silver achievement award from CSR Accreditation Limited.

She is the author of 'Why Weight? How to be happy every day whatever the scales say' which helps women to shun the scales for a happier, fuller life.

A passionate and confident speaker she inspires action in her audiences with simple, achievable tasks to open them up to their full potential.

A 'food first' advocate for good health and well-being.

A very happy introvert who gets easily over-peopled. She loves her own space, particularly when outside with a big sky, a sunrise and some dance music to listen to.

Daughter, sister, mother and global citizen.

Passionate | Action Focused | Grounded | Inspiring | Wellness Rebel | Community Leader | Business Owner | Author | Sky Gazer | Outside Junkie



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