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Helene Jewell - Jewell Facilitation

I am a workshop and group facilitator and have many years' experience of designing and delivering workshops of all kinds, with a whole host of different people. My workshops have included young people, health care professionals, engineers, archaeologists, senior project managers, small business owners, community workers and many more and I've worked both here in the UK and overseas.


I love working with people in groups to help them share ideas, come up with solutions, make decisions or learn something new. I get a real buzz out of helping a group come together to get the most out of working collectively, and providing structure and process to ensure the group maximises its potential.


I have gathered a wealth of experience in an enormous range of workshop tools and techniques and I've also learnt a few things about what not to do......!


I have set up these workshops to share what I know so that other people can make their workshops successful. Creating workshops is a pleasure and a joy, it is a fabulous way to engage your clients and impart what you know. But just like anything else, there is a skill and an art to it. From the design and delivery, to managing a group and to choosing the right activities and materials it's much easier when you know what you're doing. So let me help you get it right!

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