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Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy UK

In the land of the Muses, where democracy and the the art of reason were born, where artistic attainments of timeless value and high aesthetics were created, we are all now called upon to redefine the status of modern Hellenes in relation to the meaning of Culture. At the same time, we ought to promote those elements of the Hellenic culture that will not only render it an attractive exportable “product”, but will also establish it as a universal communication channel. With Cultural Diplomacy, a country’s foreign policy is not examined through the superfluous unfold of historical events, but on the contrary, the decoding of the concepts and symbols within those events is of vital importance. This effort is realized for the first time, through the establishment of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy. A team of young scientists sharing a common vision attempts to upgrade the cultural character of our country with the support of distinguished personalities from the areas of Science, Art, Diplomacy and Defence. The establishment of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy was dictated by the need to reconstitute the Hellenic Cultural diversity and to rethink of our position in the world, no longer in terms of reproduction but of creation. The Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy was founded in 25th March 2017 and its branch in the UK aims to develop activities related to certain fields of Cultural Diplomacy such as: • the creation and promotion of Hellenic culture in Greece and abroad. • the enhancement of the image and public perception of the Cultural Diplomacy’s role • the education and training of executives serving Cultural Diplomacy in every way. • the research, documentation and public disclosure of cultural growth matters. • the support and global promotion of the Hellenic cultural heritage. • the organisation of conferences, seminars, discussions, exhibitions and other events, as well as the publication of theses and research projects. • the collection and protection of historic documents, artefacts or other traces of Hellenic culture. • the establishment and financial support of the promotion of creators and their works as well as other academic publications, in harmony with the Institute’s objectives. • the establishment of prize and scholarships awards to persons and groups distinguished by their work in the fields of the Institute.


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