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Herts Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre

Hertfordshire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre is a charity that has been helping people with Multiple Sclerosis since 1988.  These days we help people with any neurological condition, including Parkinson's and Stroke. The two things we do most of are Physiotherapy and Oxygen Treatment (where people breath pure oxygen). Anyone with a neurological condition can benefit from our specialist physiotherapy for people with neurological challenges, like poor balance, poor movement and loss of muscle strength. Two thirds of our people find Oxygen Treatment helps them.  Oxygen Treatment also helps people with cancer, energy sapping conditions like ME/Chronic Fatigue syndrome and people with stubborn infections like leg or foot ulcers. Best of all it is remarkably successful with 90% of people with Fibromyalgia benefitting significantly from this. Fibromyalgia is a condition where people are severely impacted by extreme fatigue and all over pain. 

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