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Home for Good

Our vision is a home for every child who needs one.

As we head toward this goal, this is what we want to see:

  • The UK Church knowing that there are children waiting to be adopted and a desperate need for more foster families – particularly older children, children from ethnic minorities, sibling groups and children with additional needs – and are part of the solution.
  • The myths surrounding adoption and fostering that exist, particularly among Christians, being dispelled, and churches having a better understanding of the assessment process and being supportive of social workers.
  • More Christians choosing to adopt and foster, and are able to find an agency or local authority to adopt or foster with, and are connected with children who are waiting.
  • The church being equipped to be a welcoming place, and a supportive community, for families who foster or adopt.
  • People who foster and adopt being easily able to access a network of ‘soft’ support and knowing where they can turn to for professional support.
  • Agencies and local authorities being better equipped to work with churches and assessing social workers having a better understanding of faith so can ask better questions during the assessment process.
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