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i am circle
A movement and mentality for the curious.
Whether you are interested in connecting the dots, fuelling your curiosity or meeting like minded people attempting to understand more about this weird and wonderful life, ‘i am circle’ holds online circle sessions, workshops, talks and experiences on life's realness and real mess. Its a new way of learning in a world where ticking the boxes, old systems and structures haven’t assisted us in the greatest challenge of all, learning about how to be human.
‘i am circle’ was a concept born during a quest for self-understanding and belonging. A journey to find meaning and fulfilment along with balancing well being and navigating the paths in lifestyle, relationships, identity, spirituality, success, sexuality and so on. This journey went far and wide physically and mentally and now back home in the North East ‘i am circle’ is here to collaborate ideas, stories and practices to help us fuel our curiosity, feel more connected and discover more of the answers to the questions we have inside.
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