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iCoaching Zone- Exclusive Transformation/ Recovery Retreat Collection

 Welcome to ‘Luxury Transformation Retreats' at iCoaching Zone.

The founder of the company, Ivana Franekova, is a Personal | Professional Coach and a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist with over 14 years of experience. 

She designed and introduced ‘Luxury Personal & Professional Transformation Retreats’- in 2011as part of her Coaching and Training Delivery. Since then, her Retreats became legendary amongst discerning clients and are often preferred over traditional therapy and coaching within 4 walls of her London practices. Ivana uses 'Dynamic, Interactive Sessions' that enable clients to 'try out' what they learn in real life. That means Ivana and her team of coaches join in with activities clients participate in and deliver sessions whilst active, as well as traditional sit-down methods.

Her most sought-after Transformation Retreat is a 2-Day Anxiety Transformation Program (dates for the program at her London practice listed in the 'Events'), delivered as a part of her Luxury Retreats or at clients' preffered locations. Retreats can be further based on depression, addictions, life and work-related issues.

Luxury Retreats | transformation experiences are run in the UK and abroad. The Retreats deliver Personal and Professional Coaching and Training Transformation Programs, complemented by seasonal activities and relaxation to successfully achieve set goals. 

The company has a wonderful team of Coaches and Therapists on boards, giving clients the best expertise available. All Retreats are organized is association with one of the best-known Concierge companies in Europe, 'Concierge Slovakia' (

Main Benefits of the Retreats:

1. Clients benefit from total privacy and confidentiality. Many clients find it hard to admit they need support. The Retreats offer that privacy; it’s literally ‘going away for a few days and coming back with new Personal/ Professional Skills to manage critical situations better.

2. Fast, measurable and observable results in short space of time (3 days) are also attractive to clients. The amount of sessions they receive in 2-3 days would normally equal to 4 months of regular weekly sessions. This method of delivery is preferred by many busy, professional clients. 

3. The programs are delivered in the form of Dynamic, Interactive Sessions, enabling clients to ‘try out’ tools and techniques in ‘Real Life’. 

4. Clients receive their own ‘Tool Box’ containing techniques they’ve covered during the retreat, enabling them to always refer to it when needed in the future. 

Luxury locations host the retreats, including Switzerland, USA, Austria, Slovakia and UK (City Retreats- London and Country Mansions in the UK for Rural Retreats).  Clients may also choose their own location as a base for the Retreat. For more information, please visit and either visit an existing collection or use 'Luxury Retreat Builder' to design your Retreat from scratch. 

The Retreats are focused on individual clients & tailored around them with no other members on the programme, apart from those they specifically ask to join (family members, partner, company groups for corporate retreats).

*Book Complimentary Consultation To Discuss Your Requirements In Detail at or email

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